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Changa Capital Do What Millionaires Do.

About Us

A Preview Of Changa Capital

Changa Capital is an online digital merry-go-round application aimed at providing services offered by the well known traditional chamas. With Changa Capital you can get your investment within a second, a minute, an hour or a day unlike the traditional chamas where you have to wait for a week, a month or even a longer period.

How It Works

Open account with Changa Capital and deposit a substantial amount of money as float. The money reflects in your account immediately in order to invest in slots of KES 300 (Basic Plan) or KES 1000 (Premium Plan), or KES 2,600 (Extra Plan), or KES 5,200 (Enterprise plan) up to 5 times each plan. Once you have payed your KES 300 or KES 1000 or KES 2,600 or KES 5,200, you will receive KES 1,200, KES 4,000, KES 10,400 or KES 20,800 respectively after a certain duration of time. The application will group you with other users thus making your virtual chama. The system disburses your profit when your turn in the virtual chama comes. Once the payments are done, the virtual chama will be automatically be broken and you will be added in another virtual chama when you make another investment.

Deposit Process

1. Go to M-PESA Menu on your mobile phone.
2. Select Lipa na M-PESA.
3. Select Pay Bill.
4. Enter 299594 as the Business Number.
5. Enter chama as ACCOUNT NUMBER.
6. Enter amount (NO COMMAS) e.g 1000.
7. Enter your M-PESA PIN and send.
8. You will receive an SMS confirming the transaction.

Payment Instruction

Changa Capital Features

MPESA Payment

All our transactions are done via MPESA.


An automated money refund once a duration of 45 days elapses.

Anytime Withdraw

Withdrawals can be done at any time once the money matures.

Easy To Use

The system is simple and straight forward to use by all kind of users.


Anyone can invest as long as they are 18+ and believe in traditional chama philosophy.


Accessible from any place in the world.


Accessible any time 24/7.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reinvest while still waiting for my disbursement?
Yes. You can reinvest as many times as possible.
How do I earn after joining?
You invest in the virtual chama and then wait for disbursement.

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