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Who we are

Royal Chama is a networking web application that uses Chama Philosophy in fusing peer to peer donation tradition with crowd funding principles by pulling money into a central account where the automated system disburses resources to users in revolving order hence creating millionaires in a systematic manner.


Chamas Formed


Payouts in KES

How it

Open account with Royal Chama and deposit a substantial amount of money as float. The money reflects in your account immediately in order to invest in slots of KES 20,000 (PRINCE Plan) or KES 30,000 (QUEEN Plan) or KES 40,000 (KING Plan) or KES 50,000 (EMPIRE Plan) up to 5 times each plan.

Once you have payed your KES 20,000 or KES 30,000 or KES 40,000 or KES 50,000, you will receive KES 200,000 , KES 300,000, KES 400,000, KES 500,000 respectively after a certain duration of time. The application will group you with other users thus making your virtual chama. The system disburses your profit when your turn in the virtual chama comes. Once the payments are done, the virtual chama will be automatically be broken and you will be added in another virtual chama when you make another investment.

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Our Features

MPESA Payment

All our transactions are done via MPESA. No more hustle of carrying your cash with you.

Anytime Withdrawal

Withdrawals can be done at any time once the money matures. Just click the button and wait for the MPESA message.

Easy to Use

The system is simple and straight forward to use by all kind of users. You love simplicity? So do we..

24/7 Availability

The system is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a whole year from any device, anywhere you are.

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